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The  Journey  to  Saintly

As an avid traveler, for both business and pleasure, I could never find the perfect piece of luggage. I would search stores throughout my trips, airline magazines on flights, SkyMall, and every other place I could think of.  What I realized is that we all travel differently.  We take different length trips, go to different places, and need to bring along different items.

Our luggage should reflect how we travel, working to simplify our adventures, instead of complicating them by forcing what we can and can’t take. The trip that I personally found to be the most difficult to travel for was the weekend trip, especially when I needed to take my laptop with me. Who wants to take an rolling carry-on and a laptop, just for a quick weekend?

I founded Saintly so that we can all customize a bag that is unique to our individual journeys.

– Sam Payrovi