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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does my leather come from??

We are always working to source amazing leathers to bring you a variety that matches your taste. Our importer is based in New York City, and we work with them to source leather from all around the world.

Our Anilux and Bison leathers are made right here in the USA, and our Florentine leather comes from Italy. When our importer sources a unique leather, we’ll let you know of a limited run we can produce.

Make sure you’re on our email distribution list so you’re in the know!

Where are Saintly bags made? Why??

Saintly Bags are made right here in New York City! We explored manufacturing options throughout the world, and decided that the only way to truly be Saintly is to make them in our own backyard.

This allows us to support our local economy while maintaining very close control of your bag’s production.

Why is the UXO crisis so dear to Saintly bags??

Before Saintly was even born, I was on a trip traveling through Southeast Asia. I knew very little about Laos, but it turned out to be one of the most magnificent places on earth when it comes to the beauty of its landscape and people. We went to the Cope Project Headquarters where I was shocked by the Laos UXO Crisis. I knew immediately that instead of giving a small donation, I wanted to raise awareness and fundraise on a larger scale. Unfortunately, I had no idea how I would do that.

About a week later, we had moved on to Vietnam and were in Hoi An. As I was purchasing a leather weekender at a small family store, the saleswoman told me I could pick my own leather and lining from their selection, and the bag would be ready the next day. I was amazed and excited, but upon my return I had to fix some quality issues on the bag. Little did I know that in 6 months I would begin creating Saintly to bring you the opportunity to customize leather weekenders. Once that process began, it was immediately clear that this would be the opportunity to lend a hand to the Lao people as they work to mitigate the UXO Crisis.

How else can we help ease the Laos UXO crisis??

Besides our three pronged effort described on our Laos UXO Crisis page, we soon hope to integrate this crisis right into your bag. By purchasing bomb metal from Laos, we can help fund the demining process.

We will then turn that metal into the hardware on your bag. Imagine looking so good with your Saintly Weekender, knowing that your bag’s hardware is made from American bomb metal, and also that you are helping the demining process. Now that is Saintly!



No commitment pre-orders?

We are  now accepting pre-orders at a heavily discounted rate. This will allow us to begin ordering the appropriate materials for your customized bag. The process is as follows:

No Commitment Pre-Order – Design your bag as you wish (you’ll be able to make changes later) and enter your order into your shopping cart. Once there, enter the discount code “weblaunch” to see the estimated price of the bag. This price may change later, but rest assured that you have no commitment to purchase if you are unhappy with any price adjustment. Next, enter the code “preorder” to adjust the price of the Saintly Bag to $0.

Purchase – Once we are ready to handcraft your Saintly Bag, we will contact you to finalize your order. At this point, you will simply enter your finalized order and enter the “weblaunch” code in your cart. This will give you your final price and you can submit. Soon enough, you will have your beautiful Saintly Bag in hand.

Order processing?

When you customize your Saintly Bag and submit your order, we take care to expedite your order but also to make sure it is made exactly as you designed it. Within a few days of taking your order, your bag will start to be hand-crafted. It will be finished within a week to two, and checked two times throughout the process for accuracy. From there, it is sent to our fulfillment facility, where it will be checked again to make sure it is exactly as you designed it. Your bag will be shipped to you according to your shipping selection. We cannot guaranty production and delivery times, but estimate the entire process to take 3-4 weeks for your weekender to arrive.

*Please note that preorders and early stage orders may take a little longer.

Satisfaction guarantee?

It is highly unlikely to receive a bag with any craftsmanship problems, as your bag goes through 3 separate inspections before being shipped. However, if you do encounter a craftsmanship problem with your bag, please notify us within 7 days of receiving your bag and we will fix it.

Saintly Bags are highly customized to suit your taste. Because you are so unique, it is highly likely that your taste doesn’t match anyone else’s. Because of that, we cannot offer returns or exchanges if you don’t like your own design. However, please contact us and we will do our best to find a workable solution. We are working on some ideas and welcome your input.


We provide you a variety of options from the premier shipping company in the world: Federal Express. Select how quickly you would like to receive your bag once it has been handcrafted and inspected.