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Dandy X Saintly Bags

Leather Bag Customized by Saintly
Dandy X Saintly Bags LOCAL When you measure the worth of a product, what comes to mind? Brand names? Louis Vuitton? Gucci? How expensive it is? WEEKEND FLING For me, the worth of a product comes from it’s story. I want to know who made the product and where it was crafted. When a product is made locally and has a face to it, I consider that worthy. BUSINESS When I discovered Saintly Bags, I was happy to learn they are made in New York. On top of that, these bags are fully customizable. Everything from the zippers, lining, and stitching can be changed. I tried out two possible versions of their bags, the Weekend Fling and the One Night Stand. The Weekend Fling is...