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Saintly Journeys
Guest Writer Program

Write two short briefs for our Journeys Blog,
and we’ll send you a customized leather valet as a thank you!

Saintly Journeys

Saintly aspires to be more than a travel lifestyle brand. We want to create a travel ecosystem where our followers can discover how others have traveled to specific cities and regions. Hearing from like-minded travelers is the best way to understand a destination and plan a trip.

Our goal is to host numerous posts for each city, providing information and a brief review on the hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and local attractions others are most likely to visit.

Guest Writer Program

We’re looking to you as a contributor! Through our Guest Writer Program, you can write short briefs that conform to our format. Other travelers will be able to draw inspiration from your travels as they plan theirs.

To Thank You...

…for writing about 2 of your recent Journeys, we’ll send you a Saintly Leather Valet, fully customized to your choice of leather, hardware, and stitching ($95 value).

How It Works

Initial Approval

Before you go through your artistic process, we need to confirm your Journeys conform to our required format. Please provide brief responses to the following for each of your 2 Journeys, and email it to:

Destination 1 –
Season/Year Visited –
Lodging –
5 images – Edits not yet necessary

Please don’t forget to repeat for Destination 2

Write About Your Travel

Once you’ve been approved, you can go ahead and write about your Saintly Journeys. Please keep it succinct but informational.

Destination – Why you went there and what you wanted to see (1-3 sentences)
Season/Year Visited – Was there a reason you went then (a getaway, festival, etc…)? (1-2 sentences)
Lodging – Why you chose it and what did you think of it (1-3 sentences)
Other Lodging – What other lodging did you consider? (1-2 sentences)
Dining – What restaurants did you eat at and what did you think? Any notable menu items or service thoughts? (2-3 restaurants ; 1-2 sentences per restaurant)
Nightlife – What bars, clubs, concert venues, etc did you attend and what did you think? (0-3; 1-2 sentences per venue)
Attractions – What tourism sites, museums, parks, beaches, etc did you enjoy and what did you think? (0-4; 1-2 sentences per venue)
Write freely about your journey – This is your chance to open up and tell us about your personal highlights and takeaways of your trip. (200-500 words; 1-2 paragraphs)
Image Guidelines – 10-15 images, fully edited. Please limit posed pictures or selfies to 1 max. Also, please include a brief description for each photograph.

Saintly Will Edit, Post,
and Send Out Your Thank You Gift

We’ll need to review and possibly make slight edits to ensure that your post conforms to our standards and blog format.

We’ll also send you an email to customize your leather valet and send it to you right away. We haven’t built this page yet, but you can use our bag customizer and Inspiration pages to better understand your material options.

The Fine Print

By completing the Saintly Journeys Guest Writer Program, you give Saintly the right to:

  • Make final edits and post your Saintly Journeys to our websites.
  • Make final edits and post your photographs, including the likeness of all included, to our websites and social media profiles.
  • Our websites currently include the Saintly Bags website, but could in the future include a separate Saintly Travels or similar website.
  • By providing us links to your own blog, website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media links, we may link to them for your benefit as well.